High School Registration for 8th Graders

January 20, 2021

Dear New Providence Parents!

For our 8th graders, it is time to start thinking about high school registration. Your child will be given lessons provided by the school district through the school PLP platform. There will be a class named “Registration Ready: Exploring HS Pathways and Beyond” that will be displayed in school PLP. On Friday January 22nd, 8th graders only will engage in their first lesson during their social studies class. Typically, social studies does not have live instruction on Friday’s but we are making an exception for this Friday only, in order to provide information for 8th grade high school registration. The lessons in school PLP will go over graduation requirements, the career technical education focus electives, and the academies. After Friday, your child will be able to complete the lessons through advisory or independently. These lessons will be available until February 5th.

Also on Friday January 22nd during social studies instruction, your child will be given a google classroom code so they can access registration information and the various pathways offered to them. The google classroom will be updated as information is given to the counselors. It is encouraged that you review the information in the classroom with your child. Once they join the google classroom, it can be found in the same location as all of their academic google classrooms. The class will be titled “8th Grade High School Registration.”

Please encourage your child to complete all of their lessons and join the google classroom so that are better prepared for high school registration.