School Hours:
146 Cunningham Lane, Clarksville, TN 37042
931-648-5655 | 931-503-3409 (fax)
Regular Day: 7:20 AM to 2:15 PM
Half Day: 7:20 AM to 10:45 AM
Early Release: 12:00 PM

How do I register my child?
Before a student can attend school, the following items must be given to the guidance office: Tennessee Green Immunization Card, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Proof of Current Physical, and Proof of Custody. The following will also need to be completed and returned to the guidance office: Enrollment Form, Enrollment Statement, Emergency Card Information, Special Needs Form, Records Request, Home Language Survey, Handbook Statement Page, Free and Reduced Lunch Form if applicable.

How do I schedule a conference with my child's teachers?
Parent teacher conferences are scheduled during the planning time for the team. This is the period that your child is in Related Arts class. You may call the school at any time day or night. If during the day, be sure to know the name of one of your child's teachers before calling. The secretary has the master schedule and will set up an appointment for you. If in the evening, please leave a message on the voice mail of one of your child's teachers. Please remember that each team has approximately 130 students. A conference will be scheduled at the earliest possible time.

Why didn't my child receive his/her report card?
Report cards are held when students have not paid required fees, have an overdue library book, owe a library fee, or have a lost textbook. Your child's advisory teacher has informed them of the reason they did not receive a report card. Fees and fines must be paid by 11:00 on the day before report cards are handed out. Grades are held until fees or fines are paid.

Who do I call to check if school is closing early for snow?
PLEASE do not call the school. Please check local television and radio stations to hear information about closings. You can also check the school system website, . If we have a staggered release, please know your child's bus number when you call the school to check on the bus. Also, your child will be released by the information you provided on the Emergency School Closing Form at the beginning of the school year. We cannot change the release by phone. Please understand that this is for your child's safety.

What do I do when I have to pick my child up early from school?
A student can be dismissed to the people listed as contacts on the emergency card that was filled out by parents at the beginning of the year. Please be sure that you bring a picture ID to show to the office staff. Also, dismissals need to be completed before 1:55. If you wait until after this time, the buses are already loaded and leaving for other schools.

When is the last day of school?
The last day of school is scheduled for May 25th - a half day for students.

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